Nissan GTR By AMS

Here I am adding some Nissan GTR car porn to keep my mind on the awesome Skyline GTR, and because they are simply awesome videos. I have watched the first one at least a thousand times I would say, and it always gives me goosebumps, with the filming quality, the theme song from Inception, and just all the enthusiasm and excitement with their, at the time, record setting pass, and having the legendary John Shepherd as the driver.

This is just freakin’ awesome on so many levels!

As if that wasn’t enough Nissan GTR bliss for a lifetime, AMS went ahead and I would say almost topped that one with this. The end of this video is off the hook!

They have video making down to a science now!

Hopefully your craving for Skyline GTR goodness has been satiated as mine is after watching these.

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