My Journey To Manifesting My Dream Car – Nissan Skyline GTR

Photo, © Dixie Bliss Photography

I am not sure how I will begin this, so I will start writing, and worry about organizing this later.

I just know I am getting a Skyline GTR. I suppose Skyline isn’t the proper name for the R35, but it’s still a Skyline to me. I would prefer an actual Skyline, the R33 to be exact, though I think the R35 will be more practical, for a daily driver. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to get the R33 of course.

Here are some shots I took with my cell phone of the first R33 I have seen in real life. This was at either the Spring or Fall Nationals in Englishtown.

First R33 GTR

I won’t act like an OG to the GTR, as I found out about them in the past ten years, but once I saw and heard one, on YouTube, I fell in love.

This is the first video that I saw, which I still watch from time to time:

If you are a car enthusiast, or already a fan of Skylines, you can see what I mean, if you haven’t seen that before. It sounds a bit like a Supra, but it’s different to the trained ear, and to me, it’s the best sound on the planet.

My Skyline obsession started there, and is still here with me to this day. This site is a concrete commitment to myself to one day own a Skyline, or two.

I have thought about it for a long time, yet I never particularly committed to the idea, and I am now, I will have one, I will describe the journey to reaching my goal of getting a Skyline GTR, and whatever other meanderings I am in the mood to talk about along the way.

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  • Kait

    Yes!!! An R35 is on it’s way!!! Keep up the writing, I am curious to watch the progress unfold as this dream turns into a reality.

    • I am too! Thanks!!

      It will be interesting . I know that I won’t be able to predict any of it, aside the car 😉

  • Just wanted to say you have a great site and thanks for posting!…