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Now I am going to make this as real as it gets.

I am not in a position where it is any way conceivable for this to happen.

I am not going to categorize this post, for I do not feel making such statements is going to aid my intentions, and don’t want it stuck in a category.

I make an exception here, as it adds to what I am doing, and what I hope, it to give someone or someone’s hope, that if this guy could do this, I can too.

I write it for anyone who sifts through my posts, and really follows my progress, to inspire them.

I know I am making this dream come true, and I can also explain how that is, yet that is a bit off this topic.

I have found myself basically in a financial disaster.

I KNOW better!

What I mean by that, is not only have I been in a similar situation before, but I am very well read on success, self help and the like.

Notice that I said, ‘very well read’.

Knowing how to do something is NOT doing it!

In the meantime, over the past few weeks, my landlord began threatening to evict, bring the sheriff, and fun stuff like that.

Meanwhile I am working towards filing chapter 13, with an attorney. (I told her this, and that is why I am behind), because some credit issues snowballed to where I am being sued by Capital One, and were I not to get the attorney ASAP, they could have done anything.

From how she has approached me, threatening to seize everything, bring the sheriff, and general tomfooleries, I suspect she didn’t believe I actually have an attorney.

Anyways, there was also a $1300 electric bill that we suddenly needed tp pay a chunk of, and I received an IRS letter saying I owe $850.

The credit card debt came as a result of a debt resolution company apparently not doing a thing with the $1000 or so I paid them over 10 months, so it wasn’t like I was not trying to address it.

All this while I am unemployed. I watch our three year old as I look for work, and lately I decided I am going to make it online, for I am not finding a job that will bring me ahead when I try to find more than what I am bringing home now from unemployment, with childcare added.

So I am determined to make it, and I am going to.

I must say, I have gotten really worried about all this, and I think I may know what anxiety feels like now, or at least severe worry.

Here is part of where I know better. I know without a shadow of a doubt that worrying will magnify the situation, and that isn’t what I need.

YES! The literal emotion of worry will make the actual facts and physical manifestations get worse!

So what to do? As I noticed the worry affecting my productivity, and right now I need to be freakin productive.

Well, I decided I really need to drill into my mind what I know, and I stumbled across a Tony Robbins video.

And I watched some more of his videos, and his message was exactly what I need now. I have been drilling myself with it, and staying in as good a space as I can.

There are a bit of other things leading up to that, including listening to Abraham Hicks, and Kevin Trudeau in his series, ‘Your Wish is Your Command’, which is amazing.

Tony added one of the last ingredients I needed. It was like I found the last piece of the holy grail.

Then, lastly, to really seal the deal, I ran across Jason Fonceca, who offers a very unique style of coaching, exactly along the lines in which I think.

With Jason, I have had the privilege to have a live exchange, which was the one other thing I felt I needed, as I am not thinking the clearest at certain times, though thankfully that is also changing, quickly.

He has been initiating some coaching that he offers, and it has been spot on the money.

His words throughout his blog Spirit Sentient have been a saving grace, and I KNOW I am gonna do this.

What I have lastly realized, is about the landlord I have started to become enraged towards, which isn’t good for me.

I kept reading Jason’s blog for it gave me relief, and started having this realization.

Thank God for her! Bless her!!! I am so grateful and I sooo appreciate her being in my life as she is and scaring me, because it has helped me to create this burning fire of passion inside myself, where I am claiming a new life for myself! One where I don’t repeat this situation. I refuse this poverty-ish situation from ever happening again.

I know if you understand a bit of the law of attraction, that may sound conflicting. All I can say is watch Tony Robbins’ biographical video, and some of the great successes of our times, as many of them shared the same sentiment at one time.

It drives me to be only focused on my happy ending, as Will Smith puts it, and refusing to allow another outcome.

I am putting this out there as a commitment with every fiber of my being. If you are inspired, and are in driving distance, I will give you a ride to help show the reality of this, once I have manifested my Skyline GTR!

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  • That attitude of appreciation will transform your entire life. TRANSFORM. YOUR. ENTIRE. LIFE. It’s up to you to focus on feeling good, appreciating deeply, and letting success flow. Rock on man!

  • This really just hit me, thanks for your inspiration Jason!

    Amazing how we can change our focus like that.

  • This resolve here is already blowing my mind.

    Not only have I already come to a resolution with the landlord, but I had something else happen.

    I have a niche site that disappeared from the searches. The other day I discovered someone had copied my article and put it on a forum.

    I asked them to take it down, as it seems that it may be hurting my sites rankings for duplicate content.

    Two days later, my site is back.

    I know this isn’t a coincidence, and it id directly correlated to my vibrational shift internally.

    Just as, the landlord and the money situation do not cause the worry.

    I do in how I respond and think about those things.

    This is just awesome to see.

    I KNOW this stuff already, but applying it is what I wasn’t doing.